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Compelling safety data, fast Magnesium resorption time
and better deliverability.

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium alloy: favourable mechanical properties of a robust Magnesium backbone



Robust Magnesium backbone

The mechanical strength of Magnesium is superior to polymers like PLLA.1



Stable recoil

Magmaris has a 38% lower recoil after 1 hour.2

Strong radial resistance

No significant diameter change under increasing physiological pressure.3

*AbsorbTM, AbbottTM


Rounded edges and smooth surface


The electropolished rounded edges and smooth surface of the Magmaris scaffold generate less resistance during delivery of the scaffold to the lesion.

1-3. BIOTRONIK data on file.

AbsorbTM is a registered trademark of AbbottTM Laboratories.